Our company was established by Lajos Fogarasi in 1980, in the form of a GMK (economic labour community). This company – the name of which was Villamos-Biztonságtechnikai Villanyszerelő és Kivitelező GMK – mainly worked on electric construction and compulsory periodic review. In this form, the company was pursuing its activity until 1993, when it transformed to a limited partnership. However, the main activity remained electrical construction.

In 2004 the company was transformed again, shifting its ownership from Fogarasi Lajos to his son, Fogarasi Gergely. In this year the main activity was changed, and the former activities have been and are carried on by FGRSI Ltd., which also is a company of the Fogarasi family.

After this transformation, FLG Lp. has been trying itself on a very different area with producing and distributing packaging materials. From 2010, FLG Lp. continues its work as FLG Ltd.

From 2017, FLG Ltd. continues its work as FLG Hungary Ltd. by a new EU resources.

Our company’s accuracy and extraordinary preciseness is our guarantee for the satisfaction of out customers.

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