Production and distribution of special packaging utensils meant for technical goods of several parts, or exclusively of corrugated cardboard or paper based packaging materials respectively. This also means the stiffener, padding elements and the protecting elements for the edges which are needed for the fixing of the load. Multicoloured tags for the sides of the boxes

Planning of packaging, manufacturing and distributing of special utensils for protective packaging

Manufacturing an distributing of boxes, trays, auxiliaries made of corrugated cardboard and cardboard plastic

Manufacturing and distributing of bags with handles (1 and 2 layered design), sachets, closing parts of paper, bubbled PE, air-bubbled PE, ordinary LDPE and HDPE, laminate PE+HDPE foils

Manufacturing and distribution of bubbled PE foils and plates, PU blocks and sheets, air-bubbled PE foils, foils filmed with aluminium, insulating foams, pipe walls, solid profiles, corner parts, boxes and bags made of paper, corrugated cardboard and cardboard plastic

As a manufacturer of adhesive tape, we offer a solution to several areas.
Among our products you find adhesives tapes for closing ordinary cardboard boxes, with extreme carrying capacity, with fibreglass, crepe (masking), double-sided, floor marking, etc.

Further activities:

  • Acquisition

  • Logistic tasks

  • Storage (rental storage)
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